About Medical Red Alert ID

Medical Red Alert ID is an integrated file storage and retrieval system with a quick and comprehensive method of helping emergency personnel with crucial medical and identity information when time is critical in a medical emergency situation.

Medical Red Alert ID creates a unique QR Code (Quick Response Code) and website that when scanned by a QR Reader will re-direct the end user or emergency medical personnel to a unique website that will display emergency information. The end user also will have the capability of encrypted file storage and secure password access to their unique website. The files stored and associated with this website are controlled by the end user. These files will be accessible both by a “smartphone” or a computer to be retrieved or printed.

Medical Red Alert ID was created to increase the potential to save lives in emergency medical situations when time is of the essence and allows the end user quick and easy access to their personal medical files. Healthcare issues dominate our culture and each individual must take personal responsibility for their own medical information. The Medical Red Alert ID sticker and Card/Fob are merely tools to facilitate the best flow of medical information at all times both for emergency and nonemergency health care.